30 Day Writer’s Block Challenge

Coming April 2021

April 2021 is a couple days away. My writer’s block is nearing a 6 month anniversary — and I either need to do something about that… or just STOP. I have things that I want to do- to publish… like not-just-on-Medium kinda publish. And well, I have to CREATE them first.

I read something that said that if you want to be a writer, then write daily… make writing a habit. Just start typing: (FINGERS TO KEYS, PEOPLE). And my immense writer’s block is honestly ridiculous because in reality, I think of topics to write about every single day. So eff it, I decided to start my own 30 Day Writer’s Block Challenge.

Why should I write anyway? I am not a celebrity to celebrate — I am positively average in absolutely every way you can imagine… from my looks to my car to my job. I am not anyone special, I am not aggressively successful.

To be honest, I am an Underachieving Overachiever.

But, I have an uncommon upbringing and history. Turmoil and scandal and shame…. there are a few crazy stories I could tell . And thoughts that may seem less complicated if I take the time to s-p-e-l-l them out. Bottom line……..

If I want to make a move — then I need to make a move.

Who am I as a writer? It’s time I figure it out or give it up. And while we are talking so candidly, how do I write anyway? Journalistic, poetic and short story, and metaphor, or opinion. Not sure which genres my silly lil blog here on Medium falls under.

I have shared very little of what I write. Very little of my thoughts and my life. I am hesitant to publish anything with a negative undertone. No one wants to read that anyway.

But I like to move you… create emotion. I want you to feel me in every word. I want something to make your lip curl on the one side, something to make you fight off tears… something relatable that no one ever talks about — but dammit is it nice to know that you are not the only one. Because that is what I like to read. So that is what I want to gift.

One thing that ties all of my writing styles together is that they all have effort and emotion. And they all say things in between the lines. I hold back, dear reader. I think I will have to write about that, too.

Topics for the 30 Day Writer’s Block Challenge are a mix of informal journal entries, ideas found on the internet, and things that I have been meaning to write about. None of the topics really lie within my comfort zone. So it’s a true challenge… one to just write and another to write about the hard stuff.

But I will give you effort… that I promise. When I write, I pour my heart into it. Into each word, each space, each comma or period… and even (especially?) in between the lines.

Now I just have to make my words come true.

Wanna be wanderer, worshiper of words, writer of rough drafts. Maker of mistakes and strong coffee. Reading you — it’s what I do.

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