The Thing About Writing

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Today, I am 2 weeks into my 30 day Writer’s Block Challenge. Here are some random thoughts.

Writing a like untangling strings of thought and crafting them into neat little functional paragraphs.

The sentence (or what the sentence wants to be) forms wordlessly at first. I know it sounds bizarre but in reality, it makes sense. Language is a concrete way to vocalize abstract things such as thought.

Writing is simultaneously relieving and painful. Sometimes it leads to clarity, other times, it feels a bit like a Merry-Go-Round.

Although I started out with a list of topics, I didn’t find them to be as inspiring as I had hoped, so I have been going day by day for the most part.

My ‘14 Days in Review’ or ‘What I Learned So Far’:

  • If you correct a sentence that one of your readers has highlighted… their highlight disappears. This makes sense, but also made me sad when it happened. Now, I just leave it the way it is.
  • I love interactions from readers. Highlighting and commenting, especially.
  • Maybe I am meant to mostly use writing for journaling and organizing thought.
  • I use a lot of metaphors (shrug).
  • I have to look into it… but I think I may be using the word ‘that’ more than I should.
  • I would hire a writing coach if I had the resources to dedicate my entire days to this.
  • I think that I may be more efficient at editing since I have a limited amount of time before I have to hit publish.
  • … or maybe I just don’t have the time to obsess and accidentally re-write when I am supposed to be just editing.
  • Re-reading the next day doesn’t make me feel the need to change anything since I have new writing to focus on each day.
  • Poetry is a fall-back for the days when nothing else flows. It was the first thing I wrote, starting at age 11 or 12.
  • I want to write about difficult topics but find it hard not to sound negative at times… so those seem to stay in draft.
  • Prolific Quality Output (PQO) is The Real Deal. More writing = more reading.

Hopefully, these next two weeks I will continue to see growth and be able to figure out how writing factors into my life.

Wanna be wanderer, worshiper of words, writer of rough drafts. Maker of mistakes and strong coffee. Reading you — it’s what I do.

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