Well, all you have to do is write.

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When I say that I like to write, it does not mean that I think of myself as a writer. To me, the title should be earned. Not with monetary reward. No, not for a paycheck or notoriety, or because your name is well known.

…A writer is someone who is able to create thoughts, feelings, and emotions in their reader.

Inspirational and instructional writings from Influencers are meant to empower and create the visualization of success. To inspire someone that you have never met to follow their dreams and aid in their ability to discover, seek, and attain their goals.

…Inspire them to identify their personal success story and then to get out there and go live it.

The story teller, a writer of fiction. Able to weave tales across the great expanse of our imaginations. A writer can conceive a character, a scene, a situation, and with their sampling of words, another world full of rich detail is born.

Orchestrating the creation of imagination is magic.

The poet and songwriter offers their emotions through the beauty of spun word. The transference of emotion is swift and intense. Feeling all the feels, and we can go beyond just imagining the writer’s plight. New emotions may be felt for the first time through this writer. Imagine those love songs that we grew up with…loving them long before we really knew what loving meant.

The scholar, writing for academia. Pouring over words and seeking simultaneous simplicity and complexity. Purposefully chosen, proven and researched. Meticulous and detailed prose that is meant to educate and inspire thought concurrently.

Sharing themselves with us, the writer is exposed. Misinterpretation, criticism, misunderstandings, and ridicule risked all while aiming to empower, ignite imagination, share emotion, and inspire thought.

Those who write are writers. Writing that is never shared still serves a purpose. A journal, story, poem- all written to illustrate feeling, thoughts, or emotion. Even if it is just for the writer.

The real writer writes for themselves first.

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Wanna be wanderer, worshiper of words, writer of rough drafts. Maker of mistakes and strong coffee. Reading you — it’s what I do.

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